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ideanShape is an award-winning Marketing and Sri Lankan SEO Company based in Colombo. We’ll help you get outstanding results and generate more customers.

SEO Services
we have an established team of innovative SEO professionals experienced in providing award-winning search campaigns for a wide range of sectors
SEO Maintenance
The ongoing and routine process of maintaining and increasing your rankings in search results by improving your website's SEO.
Reporting & Analysis
Our SEO Audit Tool will perform a detailed SEO Analysis across 100 website data points, and provide clear and actionable recommendations

How We Work

ideanShape can help increase your online business visibility with an SEO campaign that is specifically designed for your business. Start earning more qualified search traffic to your website today with our result-oriented search engine optimization services

Benefits of SEO for small business

SEO has major benefits for websites and can lead to long-term exponential growth. Brands that invest in SEO can build credibility and trust with audiences, making it a pivotal part of a digital marketing strategy.

More Organic Reach
53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic search and 60% of marketers state that their highest quality leads come from SEO-engaged customers.
Improves brand awareness
One tangential element outside of converting users into customers when you improve your rankings is overall brand awareness.
Creates a trustworthy web experience
Hitting the front page, and claiming the number one spot in a search result is completely reliant on the authority you build.
It benefits other marketing initiatives
almost every web project has some element of SEO research involved. Whether it’s paid, inbound , outbound, or product-related

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