Your content strategy has to be rooted in deep research.

Specifically, research surrounding the people that you’re trying to connect with, which starts with customer research.

0:00 Content strategy begins with deep research
0:38 Understanding your customer
1:07 Conduct in-depth social research
1:54 Embracing SEO
2:32 SERP analysis
3:10 A lot of research

You need to think about who it is you’re trying to connect with (and sell to). You have to get inside of their head.

Do that by:
Talking to them.
Listening to old sales calls.
Looking through your frequently asked questions.
Diving into the customer support questionnaires and documentation.

What are they talking about?
What problems keep coming up?

You want to dive deep into understanding your customer.
You want to look at review sites and start to reverse engineer the things that your competitors are being talked about as being their biggest benefits. And what are the pain points that people are talking about?

And you’re not going to stop there.

Conduct social research.
Comb through review sites.
Leverage audience intelligence tools.
Reverse engineer social conversations.

Analyze the behaviors of those who follow you on social, those who follow your competitors, the types of content that they’re engaging with on different channels, and the ways in which they’re interacting with that content.

Because all of this is going to inform how you distribute your content and the stories that you should be telling on social.

But wait, there’s even more but you need to watch the video…

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