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The problem with content marketing is people underestimate how long it takes to kick in. It can take months or even years to yield results- and most startups can’t wait for months or years to find out if their growth tactics are working.

We’ve built a multi-million dollar SaaS business on content marketing, but when founders and marketers ask me if they should do it- I always start with a word of caution: it may not be what you need for your startup.

A startup doesn’t usually have the runway to wait. They get customer feedback and usage metrics as fast as possible, and content marketing is slow, as slow as marketing gets.

So in this video, I’m going to share when it’s safe to begin content marketing tactics, how much we spent, how we structured the team, and how long it took us to see results. Finally, I’ll share how we transitioned from written content into video.

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0:00 Content Marketing – Intro
1:01 Content Marketing – Finding Product-Market Fit as fast as possible
3:17 Content Marketing – Picking your arsenal
6:50 Content Marketing – Sharpen your pens
9:20 Content Marketing – Video Content

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